Ultraviolet (UV) light products are used to sanitize many different items. You may be accustomed to seeing UV light shining on medical equipment in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Barbers and hair stylists use UV lights to sterilize combs and other equipment used in barber shops and beauty parlors. 

The air inside your home can contain more contaminants than the air on the outside. This is in part because our homes are better insulated. When the air conditioning system is in use, the same air that’s inside the home just keeps getting recirculated throughout the house. UV lights can be used help clean the air and to prevent mold from growing in your HVAC system. At Air Duct Cleaning USA, we have technicians who are trained and experienced in air duct UV lighting system.

UV lights in HVAC systems have two primary functions. One is to sterilize the air, and the other is to disinfect the coils. 

Filters are designed to keep contaminants from getting into your air ducts. Having UV lights installed adds an extra layer of protection for any microscopic contaminants that may get past the filters. The surfaces that have the UV light shining on them will be sterilized. 

UV Lights as an Air Sanitizer

If you or a member of your family is prone to suffer from allergies or viruses, UV lights can help keep the air inside your home from making you sick. Having cleaner air can also help improve how your house smells. 

When UV lights are utilized to sterilize the air, the UV light is installed in the air return unit. When the fan starts to run, the light comes on, and it goes off when the system is off. 

UV Lights to Disinfect the Coils

When UV light is used to prevent mold and germs on the coil, the UV light is installed near the coil. The light stays on continuously, which prevents, bacteria, mold, and viruses from growing on the unit. It is the continued presence of the light shining on the unit which provides the sterilization. 

UV lights can keep mold from growing inside your HVAC system. 

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UV lights can significantly reduce health hazards in your home. UV light installation will improve the overall health benefits. For more information or any other HVAC questions, contact Air Duct Cleaning USA in NJ. 

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