A home or business fire can be a devastating event. In addition to the damage from the fire, your property will most likely suffer smoke damage. You can also expect some things to become damaged from the firemen’s efforts to distinguish the fire. Air Duct Cleaning USA have the specialized training and experience to handle all types of fire & smoke damage restoration projects. 

Smoke and Soot Damage: 

You do not have to experience a major fire for there to be smoke damage in your home. Discoloration and significant odors can come from your fireplace and smaller kitchen incidents. You should promptly clean the smoke to keep the smell of smoke from seeping into the walls, carpets, and furniture. 

Follow the following tips for cleaning smoke and soot: 

  • Keep the smoke from spreading by shutting off the air conditioning. 
  • Place large fans by open doors and windows to remove the smoke. 
  • Hold the nozzle above the soot to suck it up.
  • Clean hard surfaces with a cloth. 
  • Clean light bulbs and every item that has been affected
  • Clean the curtains
  • Wash any clothing that may be affected, and  Clean window coverings and the carpet. 

To get help with restoring your property back to normal from smoke or soot damage, contact us today at 609-241-9334.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration: 

The first thing to do when you have a fire or detect smoke in your home or workplace goes without saying, you should make sure everyone is out of the building and in a safe location. The fire department should be called to put out the fire or make sure the fire is completely out. 

Once the fire department has left, the building is safe and secure, call Air Duct Cleaning USA. We provide 24/7 Emergency service hours. Regardless of the hour that you contact our office, we will dispatch technicians to your location with the appropriate equipment and resources. 

Do not attempt to do the clean up by yourself. Our Professionals will carefully inspect your property to make an assessment of what repairs need to be made. We will also help with contacting your insurance company and providing them with the necessary documentation. 

If the property couldn’t be secured, we will assist with securing the property by temporarily boarding up windows and doors. This will help protect your property against further damage and theft. 

We will begin by removing debris, trash, damaged furniture and other items that are not salvageable. These items will be appropriately disposed of by our company. 

Large dehumidifiers and air movers will be used to remove the water from inside your home and make sure the room and contents are completely dry. All smoke and soot damage from the fire will be completely gone when we are finished. 

Some portions of the building may require minor repairs. Other places may involve significant maintenance or renovation. Regardless of the job size, the professionals at Air Duct Cleaning USA are available to assist you. 

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