If your restaurant or business has a commercial kitchen, it’s essential that you have the grease trap cleaned on a regular basis. Large commercial kitchens produce a significant amount of grease every day. 

The grease build-up will have the following effect: 

1. The grease releases an odor that will make your kitchen smell bad. 

Because grease is nothing more than food byproduct, it will start to rot and smell over time. The scent could spread into the restaurant and get into the curtain and carpet. Your customers may not want to come to a restaurant that does not smell good. Therefore, the smell of grease can cause your restaurant to lose customers and money. 

2. Cleaning the restaurant will be more difficult.

If the grease trap is not cleaned on a regular basis, it will be more difficult to clean. Grease stuck at the bottom of the trap will get hard and will not quickly come off. When it reaches that point, you need to call in a professional grease trap cleaning service. 

3. It Damages Your Pipes and the Grease Trap

As the food begins to rot, it releases several gases, which can turn into a sulfuric acid that will cause damage to concrete and steel. Plastic grease traps will also begin to break down if they are not cleaned. 

Air Duct Cleaning USA provides professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance. We can also assist with grease disposal. 

4. Dirty vent hoods can be dangerous. 

One of the most critical tasks that should be done in a restaurant is to keep the vent hood clean. All that is required for a fire to start is for the grease to get hot enough to ignite. The kitchen hood and all your other grease traps must be cleaned regularly to ensure safety. 

Dirty kitchen vent hoods can also present a health risk to those around it. Clogged vent hoods eliminate the ability for more grease to escape. 

5. Grease build-up could affect the reputation of your business. 

The reputation of a restaurant is important to be able to retain its customers. If word gets out that the kitchen of a restaurant is not clean, people may not want to eat there. If a restaurant does not pass inspection that will be news that would quickly spread. A kitchen that has a build-up of grease will most likely not pass an inspection by the health inspector. 

This could cause your business to lose money or see an increase in insurance costs, or even be shut down. 

If you’re in need of professional restaurant hood cleaning, we’re here to help! 

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